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The name says it all...

Food First Philosophy,

means that in order to fuel your body for any day-to-day activity, as well as for exercise or sport, your first choice should always be food.


Research has shown the need to integrate sustainability and health, as a refreshed educational approach to help make better food choices.

My goal is to promote a change in dietary behaviors taking into account social, ethical, cultural, and environmental issues related to food and food production.

It is simple, you should question yourself: Where is my food coming from and how do my food choices impact the planet, the animals, and the people?

Read how I got inspired to be more sustainable!


As any person you require a balanced diet that provides adequate calories and nutrients.

Additionally, to succeed as an athlete, your performance can be enhanced using an intentional performance diet.

Therefore, we should consider proper nutrition, and changes in the your habitual diet with well-chosen nutrition strategies.

Check out some of my performance nutrition recipes!


Refresh. Refuel. Replay

Re [fresh]: we all need to rest and recharge. How does it sound if you also include some fresh and natural ingredients in your life?

Re [fuel]:  even if you are not a "foodie" the reality is that we all need to EAT to get energy to go on our daily routine. I believe in refueling everyday with wholesome and nutritious food.

Re [play]: or repeat... life is simple and you need to rest again, eat again in order to play again. By play I mean: any physical or mental activity including games with friends and family, recreational and fitness activities, and obviously game, match, competition and high performance.

Food First Fuel  seeks to educate about proper fueling for health and performance through an innovative educational approach to help athletes and active people make better food choices. I incorporate my knowledge, training and cultural background to provide resources and counseling for a behavioral change that can be sustained in everyday life.