How can sports nutrition help me as an athlete?

Individualized sports nutrition can help you gain a competitive edge, make weight for your sport, teach you how to fuel during an endurance race or event, help you achieve optimal recovery between workouts, training sessions or competition events, know how to fuel for your sport, improve your bone health or iron status, AND SO MUCH MORE!

If don't live in Colorado, can I still meet with you?

Absolutly! If you live in Mexico City, check-in with me when I will be in town to schedule you in person appointment.

Otherwise, I do virtual and phone consults all the time!

What does an appointment look like?

Prior to your appointment, please fill out a brief your health, and training history which will speed up the initial consult process. When we meet, we will go through your nutrition needs, how your current fueling is meeting those needs, and then discuss areas to focus on and set realistic goals together as to how we can improve your fueling. Most initial appointments are about an hour.

How to pay for my services?

Payment is due at time of service in cash or check made payable to Renata Altamirano Garcia.

You can also may through PayPal and Venmo!

Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately, I currently do not accept insurance.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Please click here to read my Privacy Policy.