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My Philosophy

The name says it all… I have a Food First Philosophy, meaning that in order to nurture and fuel your body for any day-to-day activity, as well as for exercise or sport, your first choice should always be food.

When you think of dietary supplements, it is most likely that you think of sports drinks, multivitamins or protein powders. But the reality is that about half of the adult US population uses some form of dietary supplements and a similar prevalence is expected in many other countries.

With an increased marketing and availability of functional food (superfoods such as chia seeds, matcha green tea, and spirulina), as well as more and more friends and family sharing about their diet trends, you are exposed to dietary supplements more than ever.

The fact is that the appropriate use of some supplements can offer health and performance benefits, but others may be harmful to your health and as an athlete, to your performance or increased risk of positive doping. The reality is that only a few dietary supplements (including caffeine, creatine, specific buffering agents and nitrate) have good scientific evidence of benefits. Therefore, we should perform a complete nutritional assessment and asses your health, training, and performance goals, before deciding if you should invest your time and money on supplements.

Your lifestyle and diet can either positively or negatively impact your health and performance. Together, we can identify the best foods to nurture your body for optimal health.