Food Literacy

Inspired by my mentor Dr. Nanna Meyer and her innovative mobile project The Flying Carrot, I am now a firm believer that successful food education must integrate meaningful and, if possible, hands-on experiences. The Flying Carrot is "an innovative mobile project that fosters food awareness and empowers individuals to improve the well-being of themselves, the community, and the planet by providing creative hands-on experiences, building cooking skills, and improving access to local, seasonal, and sustainable food."

Hand-on food education at the summer farm stand
Hand-on food education at the summer farm stand
Graduate Project poster presentation with Nanna

Food literacy is the platform that empowers individuals with knowledge, skills and behaviors for a healthy lifelong relationship with food. Food citizenship is “the practice of engaging in food-related behaviors that support, rather than threaten, the democratic, socially and economically just, and environmentally sustainable food systems”.

Typically, athletes will change their diet when they know that it will help them succeed. However, if you are an athlete or active individual who cares about the planet, the animals and the people, you will value this new sustainable sports nutrition approach that incorporates food literacy into your sport nutrition recommendations that will help you not only perform and succeed but also make ethical food choices.


Check out this video where I share how being part of The Flying Carrot Team changed my life!

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