Denver Area and Colorado Springs 

Individualized Performance Nutrition

One-on-one sports nutrition coaching, counselling, and consulting for athletes of all ages and levels, including weekend warriors, professional and national-level athletes.

Body Composition Assessment

Using a technique called ISAK, body composition testing can track your progress throughout the year and help tailor your nutrition and strength training to achieve your unique body composition goals. It is also a tool to assess return to train after an injury.

Grocery Store and Farmer's Market Tours

Hands-on education session where we go together into the real world. I will walk you through what a healthy shopping trip looks like, aisle-by-aisle or stand by stand!

Cooking Classes and Demos

Hands-on food and nutrition sessions. These healthy and entertaining cooking enrichment classes are available for all cooking levels and kitchen skills. From kids to Olympic athletes, everyone has enjoyed getting their hands dirty!

Food Education Group Talks

 Customized, interactive presentation based on your team or groups goals and objectives. I come onsite to meet with your team or group. Available for teams, kids, adolescents, college students, parents, empolyees and staff at your company.

Health Coaching

I work with you to develop lifestyle changes you can maintain. From menu planning to overall health tips, I am your partner in achieving a healthy lifestyle. I do not support fad diets. I am committed to help you achieve your goals, with SMART goals for a healthy lifestyle.

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